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Solid Gold - All Incl.
Event: Solid Gold - All Incl.
Location : Estate 101
Date: Saturday, July 29, 2017
Promoter: Estate 101 & Yorke Inc.
Cost: $650TTD
Time: 8pm-2am



This is the EVENT you have waited for

This is for the sense of style and REAL retro party that- IS you and how you remember it was

This is SOLID GOLD                                                                                                 

The ICEMAN RennieB in his first RETRO party since returning to T&T


This is the legend who introduced us to “all the hits” 

A Classic, exclusive - all inclusive – BACK IN TIME ADVENTURE                       

More music from Bryan Regis, the ‘Hitman’ Howie T and out of NYC Teddy Mohammed

At the POSH ESTATE 101 Saddle Road Maraval   

Saturday July 29, 2017

From 8pm to 2am

All the Lights, ambiance, Class, quality and non-stop party energy will make this THE NIGHT TO REMEMBER – SOLID GOLD with the ICEMAN RENNIE B.

The biggest and best retro party with the most beautiful people

Reserve tickets now: This will make anything you’ve been to look “ordinary”,

Wear something gold and be a part of retro history.

The ICEMAN RennieB, Bryan Regis, Howie T and Teddy Mohammed                  

ESTATE 101 Saddle Road Maraval…….Saturday July 29, 2017 

Let”s tear the roof off the sucker


For ticket bookings call 776-1032, 380-9302 or book online at 

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