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Drift - Cooler Cruise
Event: Drift - Cooler Cruise
Location : Ocean Pelican
Date: Friday, February 9, 2018
Promoter: Team Outlaw
Cost: $200TTD
Time: 7pm-11pm


Friday 9th February 2018, YES CARNIVAL FRIDAY ! 
It's a COOLER make sure and walk with coolers with your drinks in plastic bottles because its zero tolerance on glass bottles on board the yacht.
Boarding Commence at 6pm and Leaves 7pm
Can you remember what you did last Carnival Friday night? 
Well wonder no more...
Get ready for a night of...
*Pure vibes
*An unforgettable experience
*The Only Event on that night you can hear Old School SOCA
*Guaranteed safe fun
*Music to #Drift the night away
$200 Early bird tickets are AVAILABLE.................
Don't be left out!!!
For info and ticket/s contact....
Nyah- 682-3156
Jesse- 476-3218
Clyde Tha Outlaw - 678-2078
Shark- 687-4275
DH Wireless Located Opp Long Circular Mall- 730-9624

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