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FALL OUT - All Incl.
Event: FALL OUT - All Incl.
Location : La Soledad Estate, St. Joseph
Date: Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Promoter: Fall Out
Cost: $100US
Time: 6pm-Midnight


FallOut Carnival All Inclusive

Premium Drink and Food Inclusive!

For one night, La Soledad, Maracas, St. Joseph becomes the Fete Capital as the FallOut Family brings to you another vibe-filled Carnival Experience!

Get your event passes for $100US/$700TT from anyone from the FallOut Team.

Call 685-FALL or 788-FALL to book yours now!

Carnival Dates

2018 - February 12th & 13th 

2019 - March 4th & 5th

2020 - February 24th & 25th

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