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Ladies Night Out - Food Incl.
Event: Ladies Night Out - Food Incl.
Location : Hasely Crawford Stadium
Date: Friday, January 26, 2018
Promoter: Randy Glasgow Productions
Cost: $375TTD (General) & $500TTD (VIP)
Time: 8:30pm Till


Ladies It's A Celebration Of 15 Years...
The World's Largest Gathering Of Women Any Part Of The World..

And Ladies ..It Can't Be A Celebration If There Is No Champion Dance To Celebrate !
Joining Us Friday January 26
Is Cricketing Superstar and Entertainer, 

LNO, The Road March Heats


The Ladies Night Out (LNO) Mega Concert has over the years served as an indicator of what the National Road March frontrunners will be during the couple weeks leading to Carnival Tuesday. The women attending always proclaim just what songs are their favourites for the road.


This year will be no exception as women are already declaring who they believe are the top Road March contenders via the Randy Glasgow Productions (RGP) social media platforms. The ladies are making sure that their favourites will be at the LNO taking place at the Jean Pierre Complex on January 26.


Among the contenders in the National Road March race who will perform at LNO is Patrice Roberts whose song, “Sweet Fuh Days” is considered by many to be the song to chase. The song is also being played by several steel orchestras in the National Panorama Championships.


Also enjoying much favour from the steel orchestras and boasting two songs in the Road March race are MX Prime and the Ultimate Rejects, with their creepers, “Inside The Festival” and “Lightening.” The CDM group has also indicated that by the time LNO comes around they may drop yet another song for contention.


Other top tier artistes on the LNO line-up include defending International Soca Monarch Voice, Erphaan Alves, Orlando Octave, Turner, Marzville, Lyrikal, Nailah Blackman, Jadel, Nadia Batson, Kes the Band, Kerwin Dubois, Ricardo Drue, KI, Raymond Ramnarine, Ravi B, Shiv Sharti Dance Company, Rupee, DJ's Ana and J Angel.
 There will also be a quite unique fashion presentation similar to Victoria Secret Fashion Show produced by top local mas designers, Jam Design Concepts .


The LNO 2018 is being presented by RGP as a special “Cuisine Edition,” in which the event is food-inclusive, offering local, international and gourmet cuisine throughout the night. Many women, however, have been saying they are on diets, some of them working out for the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, therefore they do not want to be tempted to break their diets at the LNO.


To this end, RGP is now offering specially priced tickets that are not food-inclusive, allowing the women who prefer to not dine that option at a much lower ticket price. 
Those tickets are priced at $250. But if purchased by Saturday January 20, they get an extra $50.Off, to pay only $200.

 There will still be premium drinks though and RGP will see what other arrangements can be made just in case someone does end up wanting to have a bite. The idea of LNO is to ensure the women have an enjoyable evening with everything being done to ensure they are well taken care of and more than satisfied at the end of the event.


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